5 autumn outfits in bourgeois style


The fashion returns to the elegance and femininity this fall, which means that instead of hoodies and sweatpants, there will be more blouses on the streets with bows tied around the neck, neat woolen midi skirts and timeless accessories. The new season is saturated with the bourgeois mood of Paris in the 1970s.

If conservatism had a certain color, then it would be a beige palette. Neutral colors may seem boring and faceless to some, but in the hands of modern designers, they look modern and fresh. Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and combine several of its shades in one outfit.

The bourgeois style is not only tweed, silk, and cashmere. You can add character to it with the help of the leather. She looks no less elegant, and in combination with strict white shirts and elements of men’s wardrobe will be the salvation of this fall.

To add bourgeois notes to the wardrobe, faithful fans of minimalism can also easily. These two styles do not contradict each other but can be a great duet. Monophonic things in warm colors, but without unnecessary details, will come to the rescue. For example, a trouser deuce with a fitted silhouette characteristic of the 1970s and a knitted top, which will give the desired degree of softness to the image.

The golden time has come for fans of all kinds of bows. The only thing you need to remember about the color scheme of the image with bows — let it be as neutral as possible.

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